Kimono Experience FAQ

What is a kimono? 

It is the traditional clothing of Japan. Kimono brightens up every season all throughout the year.  Patterns with flowers, butterflies, or arrow feathers… When you put on a kimono, you’ll get a true taste of traditional Japanese culture.  

So if you’re in Japan, why not experience true Japanese culture for yourself! You too can feel Japanese! 

What is a hakama? 

Throughout the Meiji and the Showa periods, the hakama was the standard Japanese clothing for school girls. 

Strolling jauntily, riding in cars or playing tennis in hakama, the graceful image of women from the Edo period changed drastically as women started wearing hakama and became more active and lively, and the hakama became a symbol of women living in the new modern era. 


Is there anything I need to prepare or bring? 

No. Our full sets have everything you need. 

Please bring any hair clips or ornaments you might need.  You can also rent them from us on the day.

When should I to make a reservation?  

Please make reservations up to at least 7 days before you are planning to wear our kimonos. 

For more information, please ask at our store or call 052-799-7200. 

Can I extend the rental time? 

Generally, no. If the costume is available for more time, there will be an additional charge. 

Please enquire at our store or call 052-799-7200 for more information. 

Can I change sightseeing spots (itinerary) after making an order? 

Yes, you can. However, once we’ve started processing your order, you cannot. 

Can I pay with credit card? 

Yes, you can. 

Can I cancel my order? 

Yes, but please be aware that we cannot accept cancellations after your order has been delivered. 

Below are the charges for cancellation after a reservation has been confirmed. 

① 10 days prior notice 【40% of the rental price】

 ② 1 day prior notice【100% of the rental price】 

How can I make enquiries? 

We accept both email and phone enquiries. 

【Email】i ※ For enquiries after you’ve made a reservation, please tell us your order number and name. 


 【Days closed】 Mondays 

【Open hours】 9:30

Where can I use the rental costumes? 

Anywhere if you are within the Aichi area. 

Here are some sample itineraries(Prices) 

Who will be taking your photos? 

For your outdoor photos, we have skilled professional photographers. 


What do you hope to get from our kimono plan?  

You can experience for yourself the beautiful spirit of Japan!